Why Us

We do the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to!


With Crazy Ants

Without Crazy Ants

Affordable and reliable

We handpick experienced and reliable local talents to keep cost low without compromising on the quality delivered.  We boast a 99% success rate in finding a good match for our clients.

Expensive and unreliable

You spend a bomb hiring freelancers but still run the risk of hiring the wrong freelancer or freelancers who do not deliver what was promised (or worse, they go missing in action!).

Zero service fee with no hidden cost

Yes, you read that right - we do not take a single cent from our services provided!

Service fees and hidden costs

So you’ve factored in the service fees charged by other platforms but why didn’t anyone tell you about the other hidden costs involved?!

Hassle free hiring process

We have got you covered from making that first connection to the completion of your project.

Save time as our services include negotiations on the best rates and fees involved, facilitating communication between you and the freelancer, and even mediation (if there are any hiccups, which we hope not!)

Tedious and stressful hiring process

You waste time finding a freelancer that you think suits your criteria, but spend an even longer time negotiating on fees, timelines and everything in between!

Safe and secured payment arrangements

No more paying for subpar work or being ghosted after making full payment! We help to hold payment in escrow and will only release it to your freelancer upon the satisfactory completion of your project.

Dodgy and unsecured payment arrangements

Everything is great until your freelancer requires you to make direct upfront payments (which you do) only to deliver unsatisfactory work or worst case scenario- completely ghost you after receiving full payment!

Free post-project services

We help you reach out to the same freelancer post-project should you have any follow-up needs or require any post-project services.

No post-project services

Unless pre-agreed, your freelancer will not include post-project services and is likely to just disappear after your project is done!

Frequently asked questions

How is Crazy Ants different from other platforms?

Unlike any other freelancer platforms out there, our database of freelancers are well curated - we don’t just list any freelancers! We avoid overcrowding our database of freelancers, which creates unnecessary competition amongst freelancers and ultimately makes it difficult for you to find a suitable freelancer. Instead, to save your time and cost, we are focused on only recruiting the best freelancers at an affordable rate in Malaysia.

How does Crazy Ants pick freelancers?

We take the time and diligence to sift through thousands and thousands of freelancers to handpick only the best and reliable freelancers to be part of Crazy Ants.

Typically, we will only select freelancers with good quality portfolios and reputable work. However, we do also recognise potential in those who are new to the industry. For those who are just starting out, if we believe that they have what it takes, we will get them to join our Junior Freelancer Program where we will provide the necessary training and help them to build their portfolio before listing them as part of Crazy Ants to get paid clients.

How can Crazy Ants help me?

With Crazy Ants, you will be able to do away with the hassle of finding the right freelancer. Our expertise and curated list of freelancers will help you to save your cost, effort, and most importantly your time when it comes to finding a freelancer for your project. 99% of our clients have had their projects successfully completed by engaging freelancers from Crazy Ants!

Does Crazy Ants charge any service fee?

No - we do not charge a single cent from the service we provide!

How does Crazy Ants make money then?

We do however make money by charging freelancers a small fee for every successful referral made.

Still have questions?  Feel free to drop us a message at hola@crazyants.asia and we will be in touch with you shortly!